World IPv6 Launch Day FAQ

Q: What is World IPv6 Launch Day?

A: World IPv6 Launch Day, taking place on June 6, 2012, is a day when many companies that have a major presence on the Internet are going to allow people to connect to their networks using IPv6, a next-generation Internet protocol. Blizzard will be participating in this event by enabling World of Warcraft realms in North America and Europe to be accessible using IPv6. For more information on World IPv6 Launch Day, see

Q: What does Blizzard hope to accomplish by taking part in World IPv6 Launch Day?

A: Before the Internet can fully support IPv6, a great deal of preparation and effort is required to deploy the infrastructure upgrades necessary. Internet providers will need to update routers and back-end services, software companies will need to update their software, and consumers will need to update their home routers. Since the number of available IP addresses under IPv4 has reached its limit, adoption of IPv6 is likely to accelerate significantly over the next year. Major ISPs, home networking equipment manufacturers, and web companies around the world are coming together to permanently enable IPv6 for their products, and Blizzard are excited to be a part of this.

Q: Why is Blizzard participating in World IPv6 Launch Day?

A: We think IPv6 is cool, and want to do our part in supporting getting the Internet upgraded.

Q: What is IPv6?

A: IPv6 is the next-generation protocol for driving the Internet. The world has run out of IPv4 addresses, and while there are workarounds and various ways to continue to work with the existing protocol in the meantime, IPv6 provides a much better long-term solution.

Q: Which Blizzard systems are going to be participating in World IPv6 Launch Day?

A: From World IPv6 Launch Day onwards, players will have the option to connect to all World of Warcraft realms in North America and Europe using IPv6. All other Blizzard games services, including StarCraft II, all other authentication services, and our websites, will still be accessible using IPv4 only.

Q: Do I need to have IPv6 connectivity to play World of Warcraft on World IPv6 Launch Day?

A: No. Our systems are capable of both IPv4 and IPv6, which means you'll be able to connect and play using either.

Q: I want to participate! How do I enable IPv6 for the World of Warcraft client?

A: If your computer has a valid IPv6 address, you'll be able to check the "Enable IPv6" checkbox from the Network options in the World of Warcraft client. Once in the game, you'll be able to see which type of connection the client has made to the realms next to the latency information.

Q: The "Enable IPv6" checkbox is still grayed out. What's happening?

A: The World of Warcraft client needs to detect a valid IPv6 address on your computer in order for the checkbox to become available. Note that Teredo IPv6 addresses or 6to4 IPv6 addresses are not considered valid by the World of Warcraft client.

Q: My computer doesn't have an IPv6 address, even though it's enabled on my operating system. What should I do?

A: This probably means that your ISP doesn't support IPv6 yet. Some providers are offering experimental IPv6 connectivity for customers who ask for it. Please contact your ISP for more details about the availability of IPv6. Alternatively, you may use an IPv6 tunnel broker in order to obtain an IPv6 address.

Q: Will my latency change if I connect to World of Warcraft using IPv6?

A: This will likely depend on your provider and how you get your IPv6 connectivity. If you are using a tunnel broker, however, your latency is likely to increase.

Q: Why are only North American and European realms going to be available in IPv6? When am I going to be able to use IPv6 anywhere?

A: Deployment of IPv6 is an ongoing process that requires a good deal of work from multiple parties, so it's too early to say when the transition will be complete. Keep your eye on this page for further updates on the progress in deploying IPv6 to other World of Warcraft realms and regions in the near future.